Source: SpectrumIEEE

 – December 27th, 2018


According to a study by AlixPartners, the number of recalls required to fix defects in vehicle electronic/electrical systems has grown 30 percent per year for the past several years. The problems with vehicle electronics continued unabated throughout 2018.

Fiat Chrysler recalled 5.3 million multiple car models for a cruise control issue, while GM recalled one million pickups and SUVs to fix a steering problemToyota recalled 2.8 million hybridsSubaru recalled 640,000 of its vehicles, and Fiat Chrysler recalled 154,000 minivans, each for stalling-related problems. Software fixes were announced as remedies for all of them.

Further, studies are showing that the cost of repair of new auto safety technologies is skyrocketing, which is not good news if vehicle electronic reliability continues to be problematic.


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