About us

exida Engineering was created in 2016 to extend the traditional core business of the exida group into the new technological frontiers of the Real Time Control Engineering, based on a Modelling and Simulation approach. It collaborates with important partners in the engineering phase of new high-technological products development, especially but not exclusively for the Automotive area.

Its main goal is to satisfy the needs of the customers who would like to introduce in their R&D organization this new process, consisting in modelling design and testing by simulation. The incorporation of exida Engineering testifies to exida‘s ability to anticipate market needs and to evolve rapidly in order to meet them.

In this context, the new company does not represent an element of rupture with respect to the consolidated approaches but rather it aims to be an element of innovation, introduced to extend and make the exida offer richer and more complete.

To better serve both the Italian and the German market, exida Engineering was initially incorporated in Italy, Trentino Alto Adige, in the modern Business Innovation Centers this region offers, the Polo della Meccatronica and the Progetto Manifattura of Rovereto and, since 2019, also in Germany, Bavaria, at the ABC of Hallbergmoos.

Our services


exida Engeneering has acquired a specific expertise in Reliability matters and it is able to support the customer to introduce the Reliability concepts in its processes.


exida Engineering may help you to introduce, handle and improve both the process and the solutions in the Cybersecurity related area of your projects, even with the purpose to create a concrete synergy with the safety related goals, if it needs.

exida can provide you an overall support, both as regard existing systems and also and especially for the new projects development.

Control Engeneering

exida Engineering has a wide experience in developing and testing system/SW design solutions, by means of simulation models: this experience has been acquired after years of development of high tech innovative systems and products.

We may support you to introduce this approach in your R&D process, make you able to take decisions and predict the behavior of your product before or even in lieu of part of the prototyping phases. Considering that from the model it is also possible to directly generate the software code, this solution represents for the new projects a huge improvement under all the aspects, first of all time and cost reduction, and trust and reliability increasing.

How to reach us

exida Engeneering is located in the “Business Innovation Center”, industrial area in Rovereto.

You may reach exida Engeneering easily by car, being very close to the A4 highway (take the exit toward Rovereto Sud/Lago di Garda Nord from A22/E45):