Taiwan Eyes Automotive Market (EETimes)

"Taiwan already has a sizable business in automotive parts and components. But Taiwan has only one carmaker developing, designing and building a complete car. That car OEM is Hua-chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co., known as Haitec. Taiwan makes only 440,000 cars a year, all consumed in Taiwan.
As the global automotive industry anticipates a sharp rise in the electronic content in vehicles, Chou foresees Taiwan boosting its share of this business. Besides the electrification of vehicles, everything from in-vehicle infotainment systems to vehicle intelligence (ADAS) and connectivity are contributing to this trend. Chou estimates the proportion of electronics output could easily reach 40 to 50 percent per vehicle.
Asked about the biggest hurdle for Taiwan to becoming a major force in automotive systems, auto industry analysts agreed on one point: Taiwan needs to nail down safety critical components. Strategy Analytics’ Riches said, “Especially when it comes to safety-related automated driving features, the quality and reliability of solutions is paramount.”
Magney added that Taiwan needs to build “the integration of safety critical components and strict functional safety practices.” He added, “Sure, Taiwanese companies may move up the value chain and have the capacity to handle safety elements out of context (SEooC), but a complete system is another matter.rt”


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