The state of the car computer: Forget horsepower, we want megahertz! (ArsTechnica)

"The other problem with car computers is age. Designing a car computer is much more complex than building a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. The biggest problem—one that you'll need to consider over and over again when you see the choices that car manufacturers make—is that designing and releasing a car takes about three to five years. This means that every computing component is going to be a bit old, and no one has figured out how to put cutting-edge computing parts into a car. Meanwhile, the need to comply with safety regulations from government groups all around the world is a lengthy process that contributes to the pokey rollout of technology.
Keep in mind that, while history shows the original iPhone kicking off the modern touchscreen smartphone revolution 10 years ago, it was initially met with lots of skepticism. So in addition to the three- to five-year turnaround time, you also have to factor in when each individual car manufacturer realized iPhone-style smartphones were the future. As a result, most car companies are only on their second-generation interface.”


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