Three carmakers invest in self-driving platform startup Nauto (EENews)

"With autonomous driving being the holy grail of our days in the automotive industry, it is not one but three carmakers who were eager to participate in the series B funding round for a startup that is developing a car-bound retrofit platform that turns every vehicle into a self-driving one. Besides the investment arms of BMW, General Motors and Toyota, a flock of further investors are involved, including Softbank, Allianz Ventures and Draper Nexus.
The funds are intended to fuel Nauto's growth and the deployment of its retrofit safety and networking system into more vehicles around the globe, as well as support the expansion of the Nauto data platform in autonomous vehicle research and development across multiple automakers. As more Nauto units get deployed and Nauto-enabled vehicles accumulate more miles, the Nauto network becomes more precise, gains growing understanding of human driving behavior and provides more valuable data and safety features. The resulting insights help improve fleet safety and operations, as well as save lives and reduce liabilities. Over time the Nauto data platform will inform the transition to and co-existence of human-driven and autonomous vehicles."


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