Automation / Machinery

Machines perform actions that can cause serious, even fatal, injuries if they are not properly safeguarded. A good machine safeguarding program, including assessment and engineering services from exida, will ensure the safety of employees and the health of your company’s bottom line.

Services and training

exida engineers are the undisputed experts in applying automation to solve safety critical problems. Our services cover the full safety lifecycle, from initial risk assessments, to design, all the way to functional safety audits of newly completed and existing equipment. We have the ability to solve the complex issues and stand ready to assist when needed. In addition to our services, we also supply training in the application of machine safeguards. In addition to regularly scheduled courses, we are also available to perform on-site customized training to suit your specific needs.

Independent verification

After the system has been designed, built, or installed, users benefit from independent third party review, especially in situations where the risk, complexity, or cost of machine safeguards are high. In these situations, you can use exida as a part of your team to perform a validation of your system. Whether the purpose of the review is to ensure OSHA compliance or prepare a technical file for the conformity assessment necessary for CE marking of equipment, exida can validate your systems against a wide variety of applicable standards are regulations.

Design and assessment tools

exida has made the process of designing, installing and maintaining your instrumented machine safeguards easier. Years of experience in the industry have allowed us to crystallize our knowledge and convert it into the format that you need. exida provides the documentation templates, checklists, software, and databases that make your machine safeguarding projects faster and easier but also more thorough and standards compliant.