2018.01.19 – Robocars: What We Saw in Vegas

Source: EETimes  – January 17th, 2018   Notable trends at CES include the emergence of an eco-system around automated vehicles. […] Certainly, a growing eco-system is a good thing. But as it evolves, tough questions pop up. How much of what we saw qualifies, for example, as automotive grade or functional safety level ASIL-D? Phil Magney, founder…


2017.12.27 – What We Learned About Robocars in 2017

Source: EETimes  – December 22nd, 2017   In 2017, we’ve seen a few well-publicized, but non-fatal robocar accidents. A 2016 consumer study conducted MIT AgeLab and the New England Motor Press Association, shows that of about 3,000 people asked about their interest in self-driving cars, nearly half — 48 percent — said they would never purchase a car that completely drives…


2017.12.20 – Vector, Sysgo tackle Autosar software development together

Source: EENewsAutomotive  – December 11th, 2017   Software providers Vector Informatik and Sysgo AG have launched a joint venture dedicated to the development of embedded software. The purpose of the cooperation is to combine Vector’s Microsar, a basic implementation of the Autosar Adaptive environment with Sysgo’s real-time operating system PikeOS in an integrated software platform…