2018.03.26 – Leaked data suggests Uber self-driving car program may be way behind Waymo

Source: ArsTechnica  – March 24th, 2018   Insiders have long viewed Uber as a laggard in the driverless car race, but internal documents obtained by The New York Times suggest that the company’s self-driving car program may be even further behind its rivals than had been publicly known. The key statistic: prior to last Sunday‘s fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona, Uber’s self-driving cars…


2018.03.21 – Is Robocar Death the Price of Progress?

Source: EETimes  – March 20th, 2018   A self-driving Uber vehicle, driving in autonomous mode with a safety driver behind the wheel, hit and killed a pedestrian Sunday night in Tempe, Arizona. The preliminary investigation shows that Uber’s robocar, identified as 2017 Volvo XC90, was driving “at approximately 40 miles per hour,” said Tempe police during…