2017.10.20 – NXP Readying ‘Whole Vehicle’ Platform

Source: EE-Times 16th of October 2017   NXP Semiconductors announced Monday (Oct. 16) a new automotive processing platform, called NXP S32, designed for OEMs and tier ones to maximize re-use of codes, software and common capabilities across vehicle domains, applications and SoCs. […] In particular, NXP is focused on safety, security and over-the-air (OTA) update. The plan…


2017.09.22 – NTSB: Tesla’s Autopilot UX a “major role” in fatal Model S crash [Updated]

Source: ArsTechnica 12th of September 2017   The NTSB findings include noting that “steering wheel torque is a poor surrogate measure for driver engagement,” and it is telling that all of the Level 3 systems that Ars has seeninvolve some form of driver-facing camera and gaze tracking to monitor driver awareness. Additionally, these level 3 cars—which are designed for lengthy…