Exida Development is sponsoring Automotive SPIN Italia

Automotive SPIN Italia  – 15th Automotive Software Workshop, 2018, 22nd of February, Orbassano, Turin   Again this year, exida Development will promote this important event in the Italian Automotive landscape. Automotive SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) Italia, was born in 2007 as a forum for free and open exchange of experiences, ideas and research results on the improvement of…


Robocars: What We Saw in Vegas

Source: EETimes  – January 17th, 2018   Notable trends at CES include the emergence of an eco-system around automated vehicles. […] Certainly, a growing eco-system is a good thing. But as it evolves, tough questions pop up. How much of what we saw qualifies, for example, as automotive grade or functional safety level ASIL-D? Phil Magney, founder…


What We Learned About Robocars in 2017

Source: EETimes  – December 22nd, 2017   In 2017, we’ve seen a few well-publicized, but non-fatal robocar accidents. A 2016 consumer study conducted MIT AgeLab and the New England Motor Press Association, shows that of about 3,000 people asked about their interest in self-driving cars, nearly half — 48 percent — said they would never purchase a car that completely drives…