Driver Monitoring: ‘Shut Up, Mom, I See It!’

Source: EETimes  – April 30th, 2018   Ever since last fall, when Euro NCAP, a voluntary vehicle safety rating system, made the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) a primary safety standard by 2020 in Euro NCAP’s Roadmap, car OEM and Tier Ones have been scrambling, according to EE Times’s sources.There is no mandate for OEMs to have their cars…


Brembo: Electrified Performance Brakes Will Be a Thing Soon

Source: CarAndDriver  – April 30th, 2018   C/D: Will we see electrification in the braking system? Canavotto: Electrified braking systems will become a strong trend over the next decade. Brake-by-wire systems really give us and carmakers flexibility with tuning. We have used them in Formula 1 for years. In future cars, they can be tailored to the driver…