Vector, Sysgo tackle Autosar software development together

Source: EENewsAutomotive  – December 11th, 2017   Software providers Vector Informatik and Sysgo AG have launched a joint venture dedicated to the development of embedded software. The purpose of the cooperation is to combine Vector’s Microsar, a basic implementation of the Autosar Adaptive environment with Sysgo’s real-time operating system PikeOS in an integrated software platform…


Massive nation state malware attack shuts down industrial plant

Source: TechRepublic  – December 15th, 2017   Nation state cyberattackers recently caused the emergency shutdown of an industrial organization when they attempted to reprogram the safety system, FireEye researchers explained in a Thursday blog post. The malware, dubbed Triton by the researchers, was created specifically to interface with the Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) controllers in…


A rebuttal to: Why every embedded software developer should care about the Toyota verdict

Source: embedded  – December 6th, 2017   It is disappointing to see serious problems in the December 3, 2017 article “Why every embedded software developer should care about the Toyota verdict” by David Cummings. The author’s analysis is factually incorrect. Combined with his failure to acknowledge a significant conflict of interest, his article should be…