First Malware to Attack Industrial Control Safety Systems

Source: EETimes  – March 15h, 2018   Less than two months after October’s U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FBI joint technical alert confirmed cyberattacks against industrial control systems, a new type of malware targeting industrial processes struck an unnamed critical infrastructure facility. The TRITON/TRISIS/HatMan malware is the first designed to attack an industrial plant’s safety systems. Since the…


Norway tests real-time road condition data system

Source: EENews  – February 14th, 2018   The Norwegian road traffic authority Norska Statens Vegvesen is investing in the Swedish road weather technology Road Status Information. RSI is a software that combines information from networked vehicles using sophisticated algorithms with data from local street weather stations and weather forecasts. Thus, connected vehicles become rolling weather…


Cryptocurrency malware attack on SCADA network discovered

Source: Smart2Zero  – February 12th, 2018   Cybersecurity solutions provider Radiflow (Mahwah, NJ) has reported what it believes to be the first documented cryptocurrency malware attack on a SCADA network of a critical infrastructure operator. Radiflow discovered this cryptocurrency malware attack as part of routine and ongoing monitoring of the operational technology (OT) network of…