Privacy Policy

exida thanks you for your interest. We are delighted to welcome you to your website.

For us the protection of the personal data which you will enter is a priority: we want to reassure you that all information shared to us visiting our website will be used just for the declared purposes, and for the declared purposes only.

So, in the following, we are pleased to inform you about the personal data that we collect when you use our online services and how we use them.


Personal data, collection and processing

exida does not collect any personal data in hidden or silent mode, when you simply visit the web site.

exida only collects the personal data that you explicitly provide through the contact forms for:

  • sending us your CV
  • making an inquiry about our software solutions
  • asking for a generic question or for a contact

Usually your data are read by a single point of contact who shall forward them to the person or the team responsible for the specific topic.

Sometimes exida uses service providers that process data on our behalf (e.g. for software development or operational support).

All our service providers are contractually bound to precise requirements, including the protection of the personal data and the use merely for the purpose agreed in the contract.

exida will never, for any reason, sell or communicate to a third-party your data.



exida web site doesn’t use cookies.
In any case, the information collected by further cookies do not include any personal information and cannot identify the visitor of the web site.


Further changes to the current policy
For any eventualities, exida must reserve the right to change in the future his currently policy regarding the privacy of sensitive information collected or the usage of cookies on his web site. In case that happens, exida will promptly update this privacy statement.