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Analysis of interference freeness, dependent failures
and Common Cause Failure (CCF)

  • Dependent failures and Common Cause Failures (CCF) are the most important factor for limiting the achievable IEC or ISO Target Failure Measure in redundant systems.
  • The Common Cause Failure Analysis (CCA) is an advanced technique evaluating the behavior of redundant subsystems under expected Common Cause Initiators (CCI). It can be determined if sufficient logical and physical independence measures are in place to combat the expected dependent failures and CCI.
  • Customer and Exida engineers will review the product architecture and evaluate the measures against dependent failures and CCI and estimate the resulting ß-factor.
  • The deliverable of this task are a list of safety measures to strengthen independence and sets of ß-factors for redundant subsystems.
  • Note: For analysis of Interference Freeness, see Safety Criticality Analysis (SCA)

Exida Tools

  • CCA tool

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