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Safety Concept (SC)

  • The SC describes the safety-related HW and high level SW architecture. It decomposes the design of the safety functions and specifies the associated safety integrity functions such as self-tests and safety support functions such as operating and communication systems and justifies the partitioning.
  • exida engineers will review existing design documents, extract the HW and high level SW structure and any functional safety solution into a UML model, that meets all IEC ISO requirements for such a semi-formal model. In case no design documents exist, the exida engineer will collect the specific structure and safety solutions with customer engineers.
  • The deliverable of this task is the «Product SC» which will form the basis of the detailed design and verification. Note that the SC will need to be updated with each revision of the SRS.
  • For the Automotive domain, special services are offered to create Safety Concepts adopting AUTOSAR Software Architecture.

Used Tools

  • SC template and checklists
  • exida design guideline using UML
  • Exemplary UML safety concept
  • Enterprise Architect™ or Rhapsody™

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