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Safety Manual

According to IEC 61508-2 Edition 2.0 from 2010 it is necessary for a supplier of a subsystem or element to make safety-relevant information available to the designer of a safety-related system (or another subsystem or element) in the Safety Manual.

Creation of Safety Manual

  • The SM is the key communication mechanism between the product vendor and the product users. The document must list any application restrictions or limits, specific installation and maintenance requirements, failure characteristics of the product, and many other items. The SM must be delivered with the product or be made electronically available through the Customer website.
  • exida engineers compile all product user requirements and product restrictions, considering all IEC requirements for such a document.
  • The outcom of this service is a Safety Manual that the Customers shall subsequently refine and confirm by validation testing.

exida Tools

  • SM template and checklist

The SM template shall help as a guideline on required information which shall be available for each safety-related subsystem or element.
The SM checklist shall help in verifying that all required information is available for each safety-related subsystem or element.

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