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Safety Requirements Specification (SRS)

Developing of SRS

  • The SRS documents all relevant safety requirements for a product. It lays out the foundation to which a product should be designed. It is encouraged to clearly separate the safety requirements from the functional / generic requirements that also addresses non safety functions. This eases the final audit process.
  • An exida engineer will review existing functional specification documents, extract any functional safety requirements into a tool such as DOORS™ or SafetyCaseDB, and subsequently create a product-specific SRS that meets all IEC ISO requirements for such a document. In case no functional / generic specification document exists, the Exida engineer will collect the specific safety requirements interviewing customer engineers.
  • The deliverable of this task is the «Product SRS» which will form the basis of the design and verification and validation. Note that the SRS will need to be updated with each revision of the requirements.

exida Tools

  • SRS templates and checklists
  • SafetyCaseDB with technical requirements structure
  • DOORS™ setup for exida Safety Case

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