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SILcal v9 - Safety Analysis Tool

SILcal v9 is an integrated tool suite to perform all safety analyses required by ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 for the development of a safety critical system and its hardware/ software components.

Key Features
FMEA Compliant to VDA 4.2 and SAE J1739.
FTA Cut-set analysis and PMHF calculation.
DFA Identification of common cause initiators from FTA and exida DFA guideline.
FMEDA SPFM and LFM calculation.
Failure rates and failure mode distribution from industry standards (SN 29500, IEC TR 62380, etc.) and exida hardware component database.
SW-FMEA Keyword based analysis of software failure modes.
Support from exida SW-FMEA guideline. UML model import.
Consistency Across all safety analyses due to common data structure, harmonized input parameter and aligned analysis methodologies.

It include the SILcal v.8 features guiding through the FMEDA process and calculating classified failure rates and the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of an electronic or mechanical device according to the requirements of EN / IEC 61508-2 or the required safety metrics according to ISO 26262.